Calf Bellagio Green Beige Stitching - for PANERAI


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Our CHRONOMETRYX Straps are handmade to fit your PANERAI watch. We only use high quality and skin-friendly Alcantara®. Pleasant wearing comfort even if things get sweaty. All CHRONOMETRYX PANERAI straps meet the highest quality standards.

Maintainance advice: Rinsing the bracelet with warm fresh water after contact with salt water contributes to the longer shelf life. For heavy soiling, we recommend washing the calf strap with lukewarm water without using great pressure. The straps are best dried at room temperature after being dabbed dry with a microfiber cloth.

Attention: Fast drying of your calf strap by direct sunlight or on heated surfaces is not advised.

Alcantara® is a modern material that combines the ideal aesthetic and technical characteristics known from the interior of sports cars. The invention of Alcantara at the beginning of the 70's was a real "technological breakthrough".

Find your strap size that will perfectly match to your PANERAI:

 Made for Luminor - 40mm 22/20
 Made for Luminor - 44mm 24/22
 Made for Luminor Due - 42mm 22/20
 Made for Luminor Due - 45mm 24/22
 Made for Luminor 1950 - 42mm 22/20
 Made for Luminor 1950 - 45mm 24/22
 Made for Luminor 1950 - 47mm 26/22
 Made for Radiomir 1940 - 42mm 22/20
 Made for Radiomir 1940 - 45mm 24/22
 Made for Radiomir 1940 - 47mm 26/22