Questions & Answers for Straps

Can I return my straps, if I don't like them?
Yes, we offer a 30-day-money-back guarantee for all straps. If, for some reason, you don't like your straps, you can return your straps and get your money refunded, no questions asked!

Are the tubes included with my CHRONOMETRYX straps?
Yes, every CHRONOMETRYX strap comes with the tubes already included.

Are the tubes included with my PANERAI straps?

Are all straps new?

Do I have to pay taxes in my country?
Yes! You can not avoid to pay your local VAT or sales tax. Every strap that we sell on outside Switzerland and Liechtenstein will be sold tax free. That means that 7,7% Swiss VAT will be not charged to our customers. Switzerland is not a member oft the European Community. That’s why all delivery’s will be charged with country specific VAT from local customs before delivery.

What is my country specific VAT?
Please look up your country specific VAT on Google.

Is shipping cost included?
Yes, we offer free shipping for all our straps.

What carrier do you use?
We use Swiss Post AG for free shipping and DHL Deutsche Post AG for our payed express shipping.

Can I pick up the straps in Switzerland?
Yes, You can pick up the watch at Zurich or Geneva Airport.*

Do I have to pay VAT in Switzerland?
If you are a Swiss Citizen or if you just want to pick up the straps in Switzerland we have to charge our local 7,7% Swiss VAT on every sale. If you pick up the straps at Geneva or Zurich Airport your can buy Tax Free.*

Can I pick up the watch without paying Swiss VAT?
If you are not a Swiss Citizen, yes! But only at Geneva or Zurich Airport before you fly back home.*