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Light Brown Xa Flottiglia MAS calf strap

The leather is chosen from a vintage shop because of the excellent qualities it has to be transformed into a watch strap. Exquisite, durable and with the proper care, it can last for a very long time. Every strap is 100% handmade from the first cut to the last stitch with vintage tools and lots of passion and love by Kostas himself. There is at least a days worth of meticulous work in every strap to achieve the end result with the highest attention to detail. Being ‘Limited Edition’ series means that the customer knows he's buying something very exclusive for only a very limited clientele. Only 15 straps will be made. Finally for the first time you can find those two very limited edition Kostas Straps for CHRONOMETRYX only. The straps on this page can only be acquired from us.
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