Radiomir 1940 Tourbillon GMT Oro Rosso

This watch has been designed to meet the highly demanding requirements of the Italian navy. With a production of only 30 watches, OFFICINE PANERAI proudly presents the Radiomir 1940 Tourbillon GMT Oro Rosso. This incredibly modern timepiece contains a tourbillon, which works to counteract the effects of gravity, ensuring the time displayed is precise. In superbly polished red gold casing and with the sunburst-finished sandwich dial, this watch is the epitome of exclusivity.

The PAM 558 is based on one of the most ambitious technological developments: the tourbillon. The uniquely developed calibre P.2005 ensures the proud heritage of Panerai's design history is bedded deeply in this watch. The tourbillon casing is neatly tucked away on the reverse side of this rare timekeeper.

The spirit of invention with tradition

Wrist watches display the time imprecisely; however, thanks to the tourbillon on this model, this element - with its 360-degree rotation - defies the effects of gravity which otherwise lead to unreliable time display. Since the opening of the factory in Neuchâtel in 2002, OFFICINE PANERAI has been researching and developing technical solutions for their own products, demonstrating the progression in the art of Swiss watchmaking at the highest level. Even the P.2005, which has been used for the PAM 558, does not adhere to the standard rules of construction usually applied to tourbillons, ensuring this model's even greater efficiency. The case, which contains the suspension and balance, is perpendicular to the balance and turns at a doubled speed, which the wearer can see from the seconds hand on the rotating display on the watch's dial.

Fascinating and well thought out: the array of functions

The sapphire glass base of the PAM00558 on the reverse side of this watch reveals the mechanics of the calibre P.2005. The movements of the tourbillon regulator, which ensures this exclusive model's precision, can also be seen. The watch is hand-wound and has a power reserve of 6 days. Through the transparent base, the wearer can wonder at the linear, yet decoratively formed dial. The mechanism works at a rate of 28,800 alternations per hour. Next to the small seconds at the 9 o'clock position, there is a GMT 24 hour function with central hands, as well as a separate dial including am/pm display. This array of functions ensures that the time is accurate and can be comfortably and easily changed according to the local time zone.

The sleek elegance of the 1940 Radiomir

With its clear-cut lines, this model reflects the design finesse of the Radiomir of 1940, housing in its 48mm diameter case some of the most modern technology in classic design. Ensuring the perfect combination of sporting robustness and high-quality elegance, even the specially developed bezel made from 18K red gold evidences this mix – resistant to oxidisation and unique in colour. The brown sandwich display with sun-brushing effect really sets off a fine colour combination. It is the additional functions, once essential for the navy divers, which add to this model's uniqueness. Despite the number of functions the display fulfils, it remains clear, ensuring the time can easily be read. A brown alligator strap, complete with ecru-coloured stitching and a red gold buckle, neatly rounds off this most luxurious of PANERAI watches.