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Radiomir 1940 3 Days Marina Militare Acciaio

This Radiomir, developed in 1940 for secret military operations, is known for its precision and reliability. Limited to a production of just 1,000 models, the Radiomir 1940 3 days Marina Militare Acciaio, with its historic design, honours the divers of the Italian navy. With the help of the P.3000 hand-wound mechanism, this model is a robust timepiece. The pure, simple design of the dial, displaying minutes and hours, brings this watch's military heritage to the fore with the inscription 'Marina Militare'.

Since 1936, the Radiomir has possessed the significant qualities the divers of the Italian navy needed in order to ease implementation and coordination of their manoeuvres prior to the Second World War. Following some improvements, PANERAI ensured the further development of the Radiomir in 1940. Aiming for improved design and innovation, this constant attainment of new developments since then can be seen clearly in the limited edition PAM 587.

Further developments to the efficient divers watch

In accordance with its historic predecessor, the case of the PAM 587 has been constructed using one single piece of steel. This ensured that the anti-shock device of the older models could be replaced with more robust lugs. The stainless steel AISI 316L with polished surface is particularly resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for use in salt water. Through the use of the newly developed lugs, it became possible to change the strap without the need to sew it to them by hand. The strap used on the historic models was long enough for the timepiece to be worn on the outside of the wetsuit. The PAM 587 comes with a calf-leather strap with ecru-coloured stitching, fitted with the Pre-Vendôme logo. Completing this is the trapezoidal buckle.

Fine-tuned authenticity

With a diameter of 47mm, the case proportions of the PAM 587 match those of the historic Radiomir of 1940. The work done on the crown is also significant, as the cylindrical design used on this model ensures it is less sensitive than the coned design on previous editions. Especially for this limited design, the watch manufacturer has selected a slightly curved Plexiglas for the case, owing to its similarity to the Perspex used previously. This fine watch's manufacturing process has been preserved over the years, thus ensuring that this model can also withstand water depths of up to 100 meters. The avid diver's perfect companion, this watch has been finished to perfection.

High precision watchmaking

With the dial built in using the sandwich method, true to the original design, the matt-black dial on this model achieves its unique structure. The markings below this intensify the effect of the fluorescent Super-LumiNova®. The genuinely precise hands glow next to the Arabic numerals and the glass casing of the base allows the hand-wound inner mechanism to be seen. The calibre P.3000 is a demonstration of the leap in development and maintenance of high standards OFFICINE PANERAI have always striven for since their founding. With these further developments providing the base of production for this model, the PAM 587 displays its very own, specially developed design. It is composed of 160 elements, 2 spring barrels, Glucydur® balance, Incabloc® anti-shock device and works at a rate of 21,600 alternations per hour. The power reserve of three days matches the capabilities of its historic predecessor.