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Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio

When Guido Panerai made his first diving watch for the Egyptian military the amount of Radium inside the sandwich dial was too high. Some people say it was much to much. And the Radioactivity in the sandwich dial was the problem. This is the reason why the original sandwich dial was light brown and not black.

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OFFICINE PANERAI is well known for diving watches. Guido Panerai had a small watch shop in Florence, Italy. He invented the sandwich dial for nautical instruments. It was the first time that is was possible to read the time in darkness. He sold this invention to the Italian navy

The professional diving watch

PANERAI showed this watch fist time in Geneva at SIHH 2016. The PAM 687 Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio is a limited Edition with a very special history. This case comes with a screwed bezel with engraving "OFFICINE PANERAI BREVETATO"

A piece of Italian history

The PAM00687 comes with a manual winding in-house movement so called P.3000 behind the sapphire crystal. 3 Days power reserve. 47mm diameter.

A classic timepiece

This Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio comes with a very nice Ponte Veccio calf leather strap. Beige stitching. Size 27/22 BA 125/75